Best Dispensary in Minnesota

Best Dispensary in Minnesota

Minnesota may be the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, but there’s more to see than sandy beaches, deciduous forests, and sprawling prairies. Just this past May, Minnesota legalized recreational marijuana use, becoming the 23rd state to do so and the third in the Midwest.

Although the medical use of marijuana has been a reality for nearly a decade in this northern state, the recreational aspect has brought Minnesotans together as they celebrate their new-found freedom.

Now, dispensaries will most likely experiment with the same freedom, able to provide recreational users with high-quality bud from across the country. If you’re from Minnesota or thinking about spending some time down at one of the many lakes, we’ve got a list of the best dispensaries across the state.

Key Takeaways

  • Recreational cannabis has been legal in Minnesota since May 2023.
  • Dispensaries in Minnesota are now able to provide recreational products.
  • Medical marijuana has been legal in the state since 2014.
  • Smokeless Vape and CBD has various locations across the state and high-quality products.

A Quick Look at the Best Dispensaries in Minnesota

Products You Can Expect to find at Dispensaries in Minnesota

At dispensaries in Minnesota, you can expect to find a broad range of diverse options that cater to specific needs and preferences. Although historically it’s been only medicinal, the recent legalization promises to make these products accessible to recreational users too.

Each dispensary takes great pride in curating an extensive selection of products, but most of them will carry variations of the same products. Of course, you’ll find cannabis flower and pre-rolls that are the cornerstone of the cannabis experience. You’ll definitely also come across concentrates, tinctures, and sublinguals with various cannabinoids Delta 9 and their effects. Edibles are always around, and you might find topicals too.

Best Dispensary in Minnesota

It would be pretty much impossible to pick one single dispensary that’s the best in all of Minnesota. Instead, we’ve scoured the land looking for the best different dispensaries found in the far corners of this state, and we’ve made a list of our top 10. Here it is:

Smokeless Vape and CBD

If you’re passing through the streets of Northeast Minneapolis, you’ll want to check out Smokeless Vape and CBD at 514 E Hennepin Ave. What really makes this place stand out is the sheer amount of choices you’ll have when it comes to vapes and other cannabis products, as well as spectacular customer service and a homey environment. When in Smokeless, don’t miss out on Botany Farms HHC Gummies for a unique cannabinoid experience that’s tried and true.

Why Smokeless is the Best Overall Name for Vape and CBD in MN

Smokeless Vape and CBD – Minneapolis


When it comes to vapes and CBD accessibility, Smokeless stands out as a leading retail brand that deserves every bit of its hard-earned reputation. As one of the best overall names in the industry and especially in Minnesota, Smokeless serves people all over the state across Minneapolis and the greater Twin Cities area. The huge and diverse selection of products is what draws many to these dispensaries, having become a trusted destination for vaping enthusiasts and CBD lovers for over a decade. At Smokeless, you’ll find products perfect for newbies and pros, with a wide range of vapor devices, starter kits, and accessories that cater to everyone’s needs.

What truly sets Smokeless apart has to be the unwavering dedication to customer service. Smokeless always places the relationship with the customers ahead of anything else, and this customer-service oriented model has been the cornerstone of success and will continue to draw people in from all around.

Twin Cities Cannabis

Premium CBD Products from Minnesota | Twin Cities Cannabis

At 907 1st St N in Hopkins, Twin Cities Cannabis reigns. This standout dispensary offers an extensive product selection, knowledgeable staff, and a feeling of cannabis community. The wide range of cannabis products includes strains, edibles, tinctures, and topicals, although there’s so much you’ll want to have a look yourself. Friendly and informed staff is always ready to help and the welcoming atmosphere will make you feel comfortable and safe. If you need a suggestion – try Twin Cities Cannabis CBD Salve Stick. Any aching joint or burning muscle is targeted with a full-spectrum formula that helps ease pain and tension.

Smokeless Vape and CBD – Woodbury


You’ll find another Smokeless Vape and CBD shop in Woodbury, where it’s a reputable destination for fans of vapes and cannabis. A huge selection of devices, e-liquids, CBD, and other cannabinoid products cater to all needs, while the friendly staff helps guide you through all the products and gives personalized assistance. You’ll find Smokeless right in the city center, stocked with things as awesome as the Elf Bar 5K for all vaping needs and curiosities.

RISE Medical Cannabis Dispensary St Cloud


If you have a medical marijuana card in Minnesota, RISE Medical Cannabis Dispensary in St. Cloud is just the place for you (find it on 33rd Ave St). This dispensary is committed to quality and patient care, providing a diverse selection of medical cannabis products from edibles and bud to topicals and concentrates. The compassionate staff is trained to help support patients, and the products are of the highest quality. Their high-class strains like the new V6 Haze are to die for, with potent and effective results.

Green Goods

Blaine is home to Green Goods, a respectable dispensary that carries a wide range of legal cannabis products and is committed to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of everyone that walks in through their door on 672 County Highway 10. There’s always a friendly team ready to personalize your experience, helping you feel supported and valued with each purchase. Green Good’s inventory is diverse, although we suggest checking on availability for specific products. If in stock, definitely get your hands on some Huckleberry CBD Gummies, which are perfect for preparing for life’s little adventures.

Smokeless Vape and CBD – Burnsville


Smokeless Vape and CBD earns another spot on this list as your go-to spot for vapor goodies and CBD treats when you’re roaming the streets of Burnsville, Minnesota. Like other locations, this Smokeless has a wicked selection of vapor devices, starter kits, cannabis products, and accessories, covering you no matter what skill level you are. You’ll find HHC, Delta 8, Delta 9, and more cannabinoid products and all of your favorite vaping devices. The kickass customer service is great too, and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. If you’re curious about getting into the vaping world, you’ll find awesome options like the Geekvape Z50 Starter Kit at Smokeless.

Smokeless Vape and CBD – Bloomington


Last time – we promise! Let’s head down to the Smokeless Vape and CBD shop in Bloomington so you can familiarize yourself with the mind-blowing selection of vapor goodies and cannabis delights. Smokeless has an epic lineup of products, from regular vapes to THC-packed ones and everything in between. The sheer amount of choices make this an obvious must-visit, and if you do end up here, check out Botany Farms Delta 9 Gummies to enjoy a well-deserved trip.

Highnorth Dispensary


If you’re looking for a gateway to elevated experiences in Highnorth, Highnorth Dispensary has got your back. The quality, variety, and good vibes of this dispensary are undeniable, and they take cannabis seriously. The curated selection of high-quality cannabis products ranges from premium strains to concentrates and edibles, so you can be sure there’s something in there for you. The welcoming and inclusive atmosphere and friendly staff are a plus, but the cherry on top is how committed to the community this dispensary is, actively participating in local initiatives.

St Paul Cannabis THC Dispensary and Delivery


Your source for premium THC products in Saint Paul is none other than St Paul Cannabis THC Dispensary and Delivery. They specialize in providing and delivering top-notch cannabis products straight to your door, or in store if you want to have a look around. Whether you’re looking for top-notch flower, potent concentrates, or yummy edibles, St Pauls has got you covered. This dispensary even dabbles in the more interesting cannabis products, like Rebel Rabbit Wild Hare Seltzer. The commitment to quality and safety is what draws many users to this dispensary, and you can trust that the carefully curated selection is due to meaningful partnerships with growers and producers. The convenient delivery options and reliable products keep people coming back.



Last, but not least, we’re heading to CBD HOUSE in Stillwater, the haven for all things cannabis. As soon as you walk through these doors, relaxation, wellness, and natural goodness is all around you. This dispensary’s passion for cannabis and the potential benefits help customers feel relaxed and balanced, all guilt-free thanks to the dedication to transparency and quality. There’s always someone on hand to help you find your product, and make sure to ask about their incredible Pineapple Express strain.

How We Made Our Choices for the Best Dispensary in Minnesota

In order to pick our top 10 dispensaries in Minnesota, we did extensive research. We delved deep into the cannabis landscape in this state, looking at all the options and compiling a list that stood out from the rest. Once we got that list, we enlisted the help of industry experts to ensure quality and reliability. We also took into account customer experience, making sure to discard any who don’t prioritize customer experience. When possible, we visited the dispensaries to see for ourselves and once we were armed with all of this information, made our choices.

What to Look for in the Best Dispensary in Minnesota

If you’re not sure what to look for when you’re on the search for the best dispensary in Minnesota, here are a few key points to keep in mind:

  • Product quality: look for dispensaries that only offer high-quality products from reputable growers and manufacturers.
  • Product variety: good dispensaries will have a diverse selection of products that cater to different preferences and needs.
  • Knowledgeable staff: customer service is important, but having staff that know what they’re talking about is very helpful.
  • Safety: make sure all products you purchase are in compliance with safety measures and third-party testing.
  • Look for dispensaries with positive customer reviews.
  • Keep in mind your price point and find dispensaries that cater to your budget.

Cannabis in Minnesota: Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Cannabis Can You Buy in Minnesota?

Recreational users are able to carry up to two ounces of cannabis legally. The limit for medical marijuana patients is determined by their certification and healthcare recommendations.

When Can You Buy Cannabis Flower in Minnesota?

As of May 2023, cannabis flower is available for purchase recreationally and medicinally from registered dispensaries in Minnesota.

Does Minnesota Allow Medical Marijuana?

Medical marijuana has been legal in Minnesota since 2014.

How Much is a Minnesota Cannabis Card?

The cost of a medical cannabis card in Minnesota can vary, but the annual enrollment fee is $200. This doesn’t include medical fees, registration, and card issuance.

Can I Go To a Dispensary Without a Card Near Me?

You can buy cannabis products in recreational dispensaries without a medical card as long as you’re overage. Without a medical card, you cannot purchase medical marijuana.

Where to Buy Medical Marijuana in Minnesota

Medical and recreational marijuana can be purchased from licensed dispensaries in Minnesota, overseen by the state’s Medical Cannabis Program.

Is Recreational Cannabis Legal in Minnesota?

As of May 2023, recreational cannabis is legal in Minnesota.

Final Thoughts

As the country slowly transitions to a more cannabis-friendly approach, states like Minnesota are getting into the action. While medical marijuana has been around for years and the 2018 Farm Bill facilitated some cannabis products in this state, legalizing the recreational use is a gamechanger.

Even if you’re not looking for THC, Minnesota is chock-full of dispensaries that offer many cannabis products, and in the case of Smokeless, the best vaping devices and accessories. When you visit dispensaries in Minnesota, we hope you visit one of the ones we love.


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