Isogenics Reviews – Must Read My Results Before You Try!

Isogenics Reviews – Must Read My Results Before You Try!

When it comes to weight loss, you can get hundreds of weight loss products. It becomes hard to assess which product would work for you or which product seems to be authentic. A new weight loss product “Isogenics Tonic” has been launched and it claims to lose weight without relying on any diets and workouts.

For some people, it becomes really hard to lose weight. Some people are suffering from serious health conditions like PCOS, Thyroid, or Obesity and it becomes impossible for them to lose weight without hard work. Simple walks or a calorie deficit diet is not enough for them as they need thrice the functioning as compared to a normal person to lose weight.

Isogenics Tonic is a new weight loss product that claims that the tonic helps people to lose weight. It literally claims that you will “poop out” your burnt fats in the morning once you start using them.

Can your fats get out from your body in poop form? Does Isogenics Tonic work as it claims? Can you lose weight by eating whatever you want, not exercising, and using a weight loss tonic? What does Science have to say about it? We know you have all these confusions that is why we are here again to give you Isogenics Tonic Review.

If you keep reading till the end, you will understand if Isogenics Tonic is worth it or just another scam of the town!

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What is Isogenics Diet Drops?

Isogenics Tonic is a weight loss tonic that claims to burn fats by pooping them out from the body. It is formulated with natural ingredients that are organic and popular in weight loss products. It sounds weird how can fats come out from our body in poop form but Isogenics Tonic claims very confidently that this is how the magical tonic work.

If you are pregnant, nursing mother, have kidney disease, or other concerning the medical condition, you can’t take Isogenics Tonics. It is also not prescribed to healthy adults so minors can’t take the tonic. You are required to do your research and consult a doctor before starting using any weight loss tonic to ensure safety.

Isogenics Tonic is the creation of Forti Whole, a supplement formulation company. The diet tonic was invented by a woman Sandra Miller who claims to shed a tremendous amount of fats by the weight loss tonic.

According to her, it was very hard to lose weight after she became a mother. She was trying everything and anything to shed some weight but it was all in vain. She started using African seeds that are popular in losing weight among many cultures and she found a significant change in her weight and inches.

Her weight loss transformation forced her to present the magical tonic with the world and hence she collaborated with the manufacturers and shared her secret. This is how Isogenics Tonic was formulated.

What is the dosage method of Isogenics Tonic?

Isogenics Tonic is a liquid weight loss product and comes with a dropper bottle. You are required to take the tonic thrice a day by taking three drops of Isogenics Tonic before every meal. Once you have taken the drops, it starts initiating the fat burning mechanism and you will lose weight as claimed.

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What are the ingredients of Isogenics Tonic?

Isogenics Tonic has all-natural ingredients. The good thing about this product is that each ingredient is clearly mentioned on the bottle. We do not know about the ratios in which the ingredients have been used still it is nice to know what you are going to consume.

The ingredients used are as follows:

  • Rhodiola
  • Astragalus
  • African mango extract
  • L-ornithine
  • L-carnitine
  • L-arginine
  • L-glutamine
  • Maca
  • Niacin
  • Pygeum
  • Pygeum Africanum
  • Beta-alanine

African Mango Extract:

African mango extract or obgono seeds are popular all over the world due to the weight loss properties it comprises. These seeds are rich in fiber and fiber is what helps the fats to burn. The claims of Isogneics Tonic that it poops out the fat from the belly are fulfilled by African Mango extract. There are many weight loss pills and supplements that use these seeds for healthier weight loss.

Research has also observed significant effects of the extract on lowering blood pressure. In a closed group study, it was devised that African mango extract seems to have a 5.2% higher rate of lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels than placebo.

Amino Acids:

Isogenics Tonic is rich in amino acids that help the body to give energy and weight loss. There are five different types of amino acids like L-ornithine, L-carnitine, L-arginine, L-glutamine, and beta-alanine. All these amino acids work together to make breakdown the fatty tissues, be a source of energy, and make a person feel energetic.

Amino acids also happen to strengthen the muscles and help in muscle formation. Gym enthusiasts, athletes, and weight watchers use amino acids to have a sleeker body. Due to these properties, you will also find the same amino acids in many weight loss supplements and protein shakes.

Plants and herb extract:

Apart from basic ingredients, Isogenics Tonic also contain some plants and herb extract that are significantly used for weight loss purposes. One of the prominent extracts is Maca. Maca is a well-known plant herb that has been used for burning fats for ages. Apart from maca, the tonic also contains Pygeum Africanum that has the same weight loss characteristics.


Isogenics Tonic contains B vitamins that are the house of energy. Niacin is another form of vitamin B3 that helps in giving nutrition to the body. Vitamin B3 deficiency leads to other health problems that are connected to increased weight in the body that is why manufacturers have used niacin as one of the prominent ingredients.


Adaptogens are health care supplements that have been used in the better functioning of the body for decades. As we all know that stress is the main cause of weight gain that leads a person to eat more. Adaptogens such as astragalus and Rhodiola turns out to reduce stress and anxiety making the nerves calm. No stress means half of your problems are already gone!

According to one study, Rhodiola Rosea was analyzed and the study found out it helped 30% in burning fats than another placebo which sounds very interesting.

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Does Isogenics really work?

There is no scientific evidence or clinical trials mentioned on the official website of Isogenics Tonic. We can’t say if it really works or not but some customer testimonials on the website claim that it has helped them lose weight significantly.

One of the women said she has lost 34 pounds in 5 weeks by using Isogenics Tonic. Another man claimed he has lost 18 pounds and it helped him get a smaller size of his shirt and pants. He also said that after using the tonic he sweat away from his fats as he used to sweat and it worked for him.

One of the feedback items of a woman given on the website says that her sweet tooth cravings were satisfied and she never faced extreme hunger pangs. Another woman claims she never went to the gym to exercise but still had visible results.

There are many reviews given on the official website but there is no data given on clinical trials that make Isogenics Tonic not so trustworthy when it comes to a variety of weight loss supplements. People trust brands that give them a sense of trust, credibility, and honesty, and that are not what we assess on the Isogenics Tonic website.

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Is Isogenics Tonic affordable?

The manufacturers of Isogenics Tonic claim to have an affordable price as compared to other weight loss supplements in the market. You can get one bottle for just $49 which will give you a supply of 30 days.

  • One bottle will cost $49 + Shipping Fee. It will give you a month’s supply.
  • Three bottles will cost you $39 each bottle with free shipping all over the US. The package will give you three months’ supply.
  • Six bottles will cost you $29 each bottle with free shipping all over the US. The package will give you six months of supply.

You can also get a full money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with Isogenics Tonic claims or not losing weight within 90 days. You have to ask for a refund and the support will help you get back the full amount you have paid.

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Isogenics Reviews Final Verdict

Overall Isogenics reviews conclusion, Isogenics Tonic claims to be a liquid weight loss supplement that comes in a dropper bottle. It helps to burn fats, pooping them out in the morning once you have consumed the right amount of the tonic. It also claims that you won’t have to follow any diets or workout plans to lose weight using the weight loss tonic. Even if it claims to have promising results, no clinical trials have been mentioned.

As far as a final verdict is concerned, we think there are better options available if you want to invest in a weight loss product. Isogenics Tonic seems to work for a lot of individuals and it depends on person to person what suits them best. We hope our honest Isogenics Tonic Review would help you make a better decision because when it comes to the best weight loss supplement, you have to be cautious.

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