The World’s Most Unusual Ice Cream

The World’s Most Unusual Ice Cream

Have you already found your favorite flavor? Or do you prefer to try something new all the time? Ice cream has been known to mankind for 4000 years, which led to the fact that during this time, the theme of ice cream artistry began to appear in different industries – music, art, movies, video games, slots, which can be easily found here

But what could be more interesting than discovering new and unusual flavors? Here are 8 of the most unusual ice cream recipes from around the world. Do you think “love at first spoonful” is about them?

Hong Kong: Lobster-flavored

Where do you think you can try foie gras and lobster-flavored ice cream? Certainly in Hong Kong! The Ice Cream Gallery, one of the local cafes, offers more than 600 kinds of ice cream, and the owner clearly doesn’t intend to give up on further experiments.

London: Morelli Family Buckwheat Porridge

What do you think of buckwheat and mushroom-flavored ice cream? You can get it at Morelli’s Gelato, an Italian café located on the first floor of London’s Harrods. Its secrets: a minimum of stabilizers, high-quality ingredients, and unusual flavors-from Sicilian red oranges to lamb with onions. 

New York: Not Simple, but Golden

In New York City, prices for exclusive ice cream go up to 1000 dollars. It is made as follows: 5 balls of ice cream of the highest grade from vanilla beans from Madagascar and Tahiti are placed in a crystal cremation, covered with a sheet of edible gold and sprinkled with crumbs of the most expensive chocolate in the world Amedei Porcelain. 

Beirut: Ice Cream Proved Over the Centuries

Arab countries have something to be proud of, too. For instance, in Beirut’s Hanna ice cream shop, traditional ice cream is made with milk, without eggs or cream, and thickened with… crushed orchid tubers. The ice cream is kneaded by hand like dough. The range includes pistachio, fruit and chocolate ice creams made according to recipes that have been known for five hundred years.

Singapore: Ice Cream Cocktail

Another Asian institution, Udders (which means “udder”), focuses on ice cream with alcohol. Choose any of the 12 flavours: Tira-miss-u with a large portion of cognac and brandy, Choya Lime Umeshu Sorbet based on the popular Japanese plum liquor, Java Whiskey Choc for whiskey and bitter chocolate lovers. The flagship is the traditional “rum and raisin” with a double portion of this drink. 

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