Yoga Burn Reviews – Must Read My Results Before You Try!

Yoga Burn Reviews – Must Read My Results Before You Try!

The Yoga Burn is an advanced Yoga exercise for women with affluent results which promotes a healthy weight loss program with simple instructions. This yoga workout is designed by “Zoe Bray Cotton,” a known certified yoga Instructor from the US.

Yoga Burn Introduction

The 12-week yoga burn challenge is one of those videos that women get to watch, work with and follow its unique routine for satisfactory results. They get to try the fabulous yoga poses while burning calories and managing to lose weight at the same time.

This easy, convenient practice doesn’t require any exercise bands or gym equipment; however, the fast-moving energetic activities can truly help the clients get into shape. The yoga burn has created a vast community of yoga fans worldwide, and over the last few years, countless women from all backgrounds joined this path for its advantages and unparallel features. Based on enormous positive comments and high-energy feedback, it is safe to say Yoga Burn Challenge works.

Let’s continue this conversation to learn how this Yoga Burn program provides tools for a healthy lifestyle and what you would experience while watching the videos.

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What is Yoga Burn Program?

Zoe’s Yoga Burn Challenge program is designed to get the maximum strength, and each full-body yoga workout lasts about 45 minutes.

Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge contains three phases of fast-paced and challenging exercises. Each step consists of three low-impact resistance training; therefore, you get to work with nine 15-minute long rich and educational videos, including:

  • Foundational Flow

The first phase addresses the basic info about the exercise.

  • Transitional flow

The second phase teaches how to move correctly from one pose to the next. Also, you’ll learn the correct techniques to boost precision.

  • Mastery flow

In this section, the instructor accompanies you in workouts to enhance metabolism and burn fat to lose weight.

This program style is called ‘Dynamic Sequencing,’ which means it goes through three stages of incrementally hard workouts. Therefore, beginners can start with an easy phase, stuck in that stage as long as they get enough confidence to move to the next one. Although each phase has been designed for only 4-weeks, there is no rush to advance blindly, and every person is supposed to proceed based on their abilities. It is an excellent procedure; you train your body over time, and in time, the more challenging parts of the program become easy for you, as if you are growing.

Now let’s have a glance at Yoga Burn 3 phases and see how you can proceed with each exercise:

The Foundational Flow

Referred to as “The Foundation Flow,” It is a set of 3x 45-minute videos along with one bonus video to watch.

The first phase is about building the foundation of your workout and deciding how to tackle your entire 12-week Yoga Burn. “Foundational Flow” is a crucial part of the program, especially for those folks who have never done yoga and just starting to understand its vocabulary. They can take their sweet time getting familiar with yoga terms and moves and continue leveling up at their own pace.

Rookie Yoga practitioners must pay special attention to this part; hence, get rid of the muscle stiffness by repeating seasons,  and performing the postures meticulously, which can alter the brain and body toward relaxation and positivity.

At first, you get irritated and restless; however, in time, that energy runs through your veins more and more, start to show its effects, heightens your senses, and improves your mood. Although you can’t expect impressive weight loss in the first phase, it is imperative to invest in a longer journey.

The Transitional Flow

Based on its name, it is a transitional phase from the first introductory phase and leveling up to a more challenging stage. As the step-up from the “yoga introduction” section, bolder and slightly more demanding exercises await you. It needs time, attention, and determination, although after spending time getting used to poses in the primary part, these will not be difficult to overcome.

Transitional flow poses are divided into three sets: “core,” “upper body,” and “lower body,” and with these, you finally start to sweat and get out of breath. Moves are faster than before, and each comes right before the last one, not leaving too much time to rest between parts—the more complicated the workouts, the higher the metabolism and heart rate. Thus, more burning calories, which leads to getting thinner with better abs.

By the end of these extreme positions, weight loss is a given, and every participant becomes a real yoga partitioner if they hold on and keep up with the program.

The Mastery Flow

After familiarizing yourself with the basics of yoga workouts, you’re ready for the last phase called “Mastery Flow,” described as full-blown “High-intensity interval training aka HIIT.”

Like the other two sections, you’ll get three videos and a bonus Pose Tutorials video. This severe part of the program presents detailed instructions for performing 21-poses; thus, you reap the fruits of your labor in the past weeks. Once again, the exercises are divided into upper, lower, and core; every position involves different body parts, thighs, core muscles, and arms that and this method helps with fat burning everywhere equally.

The repetition of exercises might throw you off,  yet it is essential for your body to perform each practice over and over again and not give up. In reality, people like to fantasize about yoga as relaxing and easy; it is not too far off. Still, this disciplined practice can be hardcore and mind-blowing, rendering your body lean and handsome.

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Why Choose Yoga Burn Challenge

  • Opens Your Mind To Yoga

Yoga Burn is especially recommended for first-timers to get their mind and body familiar with yoga poses. In completely understandable for some to get confused in starting such a serious workout, but the program has established a smooth guideline so that everybody can enjoy its features throughout the exercise plan from beginning to end.

  • From Professional to Beginners

Whether you are a knowledgeable yoga practitioner or a novice student in the field, this program is designed to satisfy you. It never gets too overwhelming, despite having some challenging poses.

  • It Relaxes The Mind and Body

It is all yoga doing, relaxing, and getting rid of unhappy thoughts, while losing weight in the process. Being anxious and on edge, all the time is inevitable when you’re overweight.

  • It Relieves Joint Pains significantly.

As a HIIT workout, this program doesn’t put so much pressure on joints. Thus, even the heavy obese can perform their positions with no concern of getting hurt or injuring themselves. Therefore, it is suggested for people with niggling injuries that their doctors advise against strenuous exercise.

  • It Doesn’t Put Extra Pressure on the Body.

Unlike many other hardcore workouts, Yoga Burn Challenge “burns” fat; it is “challenging,” yet, it is not as nearly as stressful. The body learns the moves very quickly, and your cells start to enjoy these strange positions soon after.

  •  It is Anti-stress for Sure

When you finish an extensive workout in the gym, your cortisol level increases tremendously, which is the stress hormone that can cause weight gain indirectly. One of its properties is to encourage you to eat more food. Nevertheless, it is not something you would want, and with yoga, find a sensible way to lose weight.

  • Women Are in Luck

Most workouts are made for men, while women have a hard time coping with plenty of weight-loss strategies provided in the current market. With Yoga Burn Challenge focusing on women, a new avenue has been opened in their favor.

  • Not Very Time-Consuming

45-minute workouts three times a week is not too much to complain about, and everybody can spare this amount at least for a healthy body and a good appearance. Not to mention each piece is indeed a 15-minute video that you play thrice. You can even decide to practice one day a lot, another day not too much, it is up to you, and it eventually doesn’t affect your progress.

  • It Is Customizable

Based on the previous section, you can modify the program according to your situation. It provides a 12-week schedule; however, people with different backgrounds in this circle can choose to extend it to their needs and conditions, and guess what!? It works perfectly.

  • The Instructor Is in Touch

One of the most remarkable features of the Yoga Burn Challenge is reaching out to Zoe Bray-Cotton, who is always available for consultation and giving inspirational pep talks. Always ready to help out with a smile, she never disappoints her eager customers.

  • It Has Two Extra Bonuses

This program comes with two instructional bonuses. You can train even more in these free audio classes and get the “Tranquility Flow” sequence.

  • It is a Low-Budget Program

If you are not already familiar with yoga classes, you should know there are pretty expensive; however, Yoga Burn comes in cheap, $40-60 plus 100% guarantee money back, which makes it a reasonable deal.

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Yoga Burn Challenge | Prices and Guarantee

Doing the Yoga Burn program three times a week is enough to get satisfying results. You can try the Yoga Burn official website and download the digital form to order the DVDs.

Yoga Burn Digital Plus Physical: With only $37, you get to have instant access to download Yoga Burn, plus receive the complete physical collection, although it has shipping & handling fees.

Yoga Burn Digital Plus Physical X2: The second type of purchase includes the possibility of 2 digital downloads + 2 physical collections. By paying only $57, customers can have download access plus receive two complete

physical collections through shipping & handling.

100% Money Back Guarantee:

This worldwide Yoga Burn program is backed by a 60 days, 100% money-back guarantee policy. Therefore if buyers won’t get the complete results they expect, they can call on a toll-free number or drop an email within 60 days and demand a full refund, no question asked (minus shipping & handling).

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Yoga Burn Program

Final Word of Yoga Burn

Overall Yoga Burn reviews conclusion, It is safe to say that yoga is a renowned worldwide practice with a fine reputation, and if you try it seriously, you will become healthier and slender. Your body improves significantly, and you won’t get disappointed with the amount of increased strength and wellness.

Yoga Burn Challenge results might vary considering participants age, weight, and other biological factors. Still, if you perform Yoga Burn exercises correctly, your style is prone to improve in the long run. Try your best to follow instructional videos to the letter and stick to the presented plan to see the magic happening.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Yoga Burn Program

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