Readers Write: America the Beautiful. We Must Keep It That Way

Readers Write: America the Beautiful. We Must Keep It That Way

Hey fat boy Trump you look very pale

Because the White House is no longer for sale

and you’re afraid of going to jail

Fact is you’ve snowed so many people.

You laugh at their ignorance and stupidity

because they don’t understand your theme song…

Me! Me! Me!

There’s a sucker born every minute and

so many are in his crowd.

But why the hell are their voices

so annoying and so loud.


Oh say can’t you see that

he’s taken all of you on a ride.

Join him at Mar-a- Lago.

You’ll see the so many secret documents

he decided to hide.

Did Putin pay him plenty

just to take a glance

and put Rubles in Trump’s pocket,

enough to make the Fat Man dance,

wearing his golden sneakers

that he’s hawking for sale.

To raise money for

his impending bail.

He loves Putin. The whole world

heard him say so.

We New Yorkers know one sure thing about Trump.

He’ll do anything for dough.


Traitor! Traitor!

Another Benedict Arnold for sure.

Hey Trumpsters! You’re smart, but

you should know by now that

he’s rotten to the core.

He’ll lie to your face and

do it with a smile.

He’s the epitome of wickedness

and trickery and guile.

You listen to his words,

but fail to see what he’s done.

He’s put our beloved country in danger,

putting We The People all under the gun.


January Sixth! Why can’t you just

believe your own eyes.

Seeing Congressmen and Senators running scared.

if you listened closely you could hear their agonizing cries.

Majority or minority. Both were afraid

at that moment they were going to die.

From the White House Trump watched all this on television.

Like a drug, it gave him a high.

When it was over, even his own people blamed him.

You don’t believe it?

See and hear what they said

on the tapes.

The man is capable of anything.

Check out other accusations against him.

The Rapes!


But Trump’s so good at convincing people

that it was all contrived. A lie.

But You and We The Good People know better.

His excuses really don’t fly.

Have you forgotten investigations that followed.

In America we let courts decide.

Guilty, the final word in all the verdicts.

There’s no more places for him to hide.

A challenge! Check out the evidence.

There’s so much available to see.

If you or I were accused of such crimes,

we’d already be seeking a plea.

This is America. Patriotism!

Home of the free and the brave.

Trump had it all, but for his ego

he dug his own grave.

So many of his faithful loved him, but

he doesn’t give a damn about any of you.

All he wanted was power, even another Civil War.

That’s what he was trying to do.

Tearing apart our country for his own interest.

That is the epitome of sin.

We, the People of America must stand tall and together.

that is the only way we’ll win.

America can still be the greatest.

O Say, Can You See our flag flying high

Representing Life, Liberty and our Pursuit of Happiness.

God please, don’t let it all die.

History shows democracy is best. Let us pray.

America the Beautiful. We must keep it that way.

America the Beautiful. We must keep it that way.

Alvin Goldberg

Great Neck


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