Readers Write: Barstow Road Bridge construction nightmare

Readers Write: Barstow Road Bridge construction nightmare

The ongoing bridge construction project at the east end of the Great Neck railroad station over Barstow Road is the highlight of ineptitude and incompetence by the Village of Great Neck Plaza.

The project commenced on July 7 with a published completion date of July 31. The completion date was then moved to Aug. 11. It has now been pushed back again to August 25. On more than half the days since they started “working,” no workers showed up and the job was shut down. At this rate, we’ll be lucky if it is completed by Thanksgiving. Once or twice a week will not get it done.

The closing of the Barstow Road bridge is causing traffic-havoc on Middle Neck Road and a nightmare for those who use the railroad since the east end stairs in both directions are also closed.

Perhaps if this Village had competent leadership this disaster would have been avoided. You can’t finish a job if the crew hardly ever shows up to work. Someone is Nassau County Building Dept. should investigate this.

Let’s not forget about this fiasco come time for the next Village election.

Mark Burim

Great Neck


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