Readers Write: Chayim Mahgerefteh: The leader Great Neck Library needs

Readers Write: Chayim Mahgerefteh: The leader Great Neck Library needs

I am writing to endorse Chayim Mahgerefteh for the esteemed position of Great Neck Library Trustee. Though Chayim and I didn’t share the halls of Yeshiva University concurrently, we both have the privilege of calling it our alma mater. It was during his time there that Chayim was elected Student Council President of the Sy Syms School of Business, an accomplishment that reflects his leadership capabilities and commitment to service.

Chayim’s professional background as a Certified Public Accountant provides him with a robust financial skill set, crucial for managing the library’s budget. Esteemed professors from Yeshiva University and industry professionals who have had the pleasure of working with him uniformly commend his diligence, intelligence, and focus.

Chayim’s interpersonal skills are equally praiseworthy. Known for his warm personality, he has a gift for listening attentively and weighing multiple perspectives before making decisions. This is a critical quality for a Library Trustee, where collective decision-making often rules the day.

Furthermore, Chayim’s well-roundedness is attested to by endorsements from a variety of individuals—from those who interned him to a high school wrestling teammate—each highlighting a different facet of his character. His dedication, determination, and humility come across consistently, making him an ideal candidate for public service.

I wholeheartedly support Chayim Mahgerefteh for the position of Great Neck Library Trustee. With his financial acumen, leadership experience, and outstanding personal qualities, Chayim is uniquely qualified to contribute to the library’s ongoing growth and success.

I encourage everyone to vote for Chayim Mahgerefteh on Monday, Oct. 30, between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. For voting locations based on zip code, please visit the library’s website.

Joshua Ishal, DDS

Great Neck


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