Readers Write: January 6th. Do we still question reality?

Readers Write: January 6th. Do we still question reality?

Most Republican members of Congress who support Donald Trump’s lies make them as guilty as he in trying to overthrow our government.

There’s just so much bad that he’s caused this country, but one stands out above all others. January 6th. Where were they, the members of Congress, on that fateful day? Were they all watching the dance party taking place outside the Capitol building emceed by Dick Clark.

Did you see the mad dashes made by these shakers and movers on the dance floor within Congress? That wasn’t dancing. It was running, not for office, but for their lives since I’m sure they realized that the attackers would not know a Republican from a Democrat. That’s called fear and so many of them were scared out of their minds.

Watching on television as the events happened made me realize how one person can destroy all the good that our country has stood for and how quickly that could happen.

Yet all these Republicans stand by his side. Shame! As for their respective leaders, Mitch McConnell in the Senate and Kevin McCarthy in the House of Representatives, let’s not forget what they said shortly after the rioting.

McConnell said: “The mob was fed lies. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people.”

And of Trump’s guilt, McConnell was equally clear-eyed as he related to two associates: “If this isn’t impeachable, I don’t know what is.”

McCarthy, on the House floor said: “The president bears responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on Congress by mob rioters. He should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding and accept his share of responsibility, quell the brewing unrest and ensure President-Elect Joe Biden is able to successfully begin his term.”

Will all these Republican members of Congress try to convince us that the above statements were taken out of context? They cannot.

We, the people of the United States, all heard their comments with our own ears and saw the chaos and destruction that occurred on that fateful day. We saw the crowds attack the police. If you missed the show, it’s quite easy to access the films covering that day.

That attack and destruction was reality. Reality also shows that the only thing that these Republican members of Congress care about is power. Their power.

So what if democracy is being destroyed. They will hold their heads up high and help bring that to fruition shouting out, “It’s God’s will. Praise our Lord and Savior, Donald Trump.” God forbid!

Alvin Goldberg

Great Neck

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