Readers Write: Never too late to give thanks

Readers Write: Never too late to give thanks

We know this is very late, but it is well-deserved, nonetheless.  We could not let another year pass without thanking Finn MacCool’s and Sullivan’s Quay for their generosity and kindness!

Over the past few decades, they have been long-time supporters of St. Peter of Alcantara’s Parish Outreach Thanksgiving Meals for Seniors.  The thoughtfulness and compassion they show towards these beloved members of our community who are either alone for the holidays, ill, and or homebound is nothing short of inspiring.

We are truly touched and are so deeply grateful. In addition, we would also like to express our gratitude to Leona Murphy for her tireless efforts behind the scenes. Leona has been volunteering at Parish Social Ministry (Outreach) for over 20 years and has been coordinating the entire event for just as long.

In addition to leading Sullivan’s delivery team on Thanksgiving Eve, not to mention all the work she does every week at our food pantry and outreach office, she does an impeccable job ensuring that the entire program runs smoothly from beginning to end, year after year.

Also, we cannot forget Emily Hanlon, who leads our Finn’s delivery team on Thanksgiving morning and she has also done this for decades! Last, but certainly not least, our wonderful volunteer drivers who deliver these delicious meals, many of whom have also been helping for many, many years.

As a family, they often help with their children. What a wonderful example of giving and helping those who are hurting and less fortunate! We are so blessed to have such a dedicated group of caring and selfless individuals! What wonderful people… what a wonderful town!

Lourdes Taglialatela,dDirector, Parish Social Ministry (Outreach)
St. Peter of Alcantara  Catholic Church

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