Readers Write: Pusateri would be tenacious town council member

Readers Write: Pusateri would be tenacious town council member

During my tenure as chairperson of special education for the Herricks School District, I had the pleasure of meeting Christine Pusateri.

As the parent of a child with special needs, she not only advocated for her son to receive the services that ensured his growth and development, but she volunteered as a member of our district’s Special Education Parent Teacher Association to advocate for the parents and their children with disabilities within our district.

Her knowledge as a speech pathologist helped guide other parents to understanding their children’s needs and the services available to them.

Her willingness to give her time and expertise to others has always been remarkable to me. My respect for her professionalism and her compassion has led to the development of a cherished friendship.

I believe Christine Pusateri would make an outstanding town council member. Her intelligence, integrity, and tenacity will serve our community well.

Jeannette Baxter



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