Readers Write: Re-elect Port Police Commissioner Scobbo

Readers Write: Re-elect Port Police Commissioner Scobbo

Please join me in voting to re-elect PW Police Commissioner Frank Scobbo to continue protecting us as he has so diligently been doing.  Scobbo is hands down the most qualified and far exceeds the qualities we are looking for now. Frank Scobbo has been listening and focusing on our needs.

*Upgraded headquarters: Commissioner Scobbo, with his local experience owning and operating a heavy commercial construction company, is the only person with the knowledge and expertise to lead us for finally resolving the requirements for the unquestionable demand for an upgraded PWPD headquarters. Frank has already put together a fact-finding study and cost analysis figures on both the alternatives of rebuilding at the present location or acquiring a facility at a new site.

Scobbo found a new site, but we lost the opportunity due to competitors’ ability to move faster than our department could. Scobbo is committed not to let that happen again and plans are being made to put him in direct line for guiding the PD building committee.

*PW Traffic Court: Commissioner Scobbo has already investigated and begun laying the groundwork and needed negotiations for the PW court that we have been talking about for some time. This court system would allow the PWPD to be reimbursed for some of the costs we taxpayers pay out every year for enforcement costs by traffic safety violations. Right now, all costs are covered by our residents’ taxes and we receive zero dollars to defray the enforcement costs.

All payments by guilty parties are kept by Nassau County or New York State. Our own court system would provide for us to lower the taxpayer burden. This is the same as municipalities with their own courts do now all around us even with us paying all the enforcement costs. In addition, now anyone getting a traffic ticket here must go out of the area to court.

A court here would also keep PW police here for more presence and protection in PW, which Scobbo wants as do we all and will also stop our taxpayers’ dollars spent for them to be away in outside courts for extended hours. As you see, Frank Scobbo thinks out of the box for ways to give us more protection and save taxpayer dollars.

These are just a few of the many reasons we need to keep Commissioner Frank Scobbo fighting for our safety while saving our tax dollars.

Please join me in Voting to re-elect Commissioner Frank Scobbo.

Steve Kaplan

Port Washington

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