Readers Write: Santos opposition takes a partisan turn

Readers Write: Santos opposition takes a partisan turn

Having received many inquiries containing alternating praise and anger, I want to set the record straight regarding the “Concerned Citizens of CD3” group whose ostensible goal is the resignation or removal of George Santos from Congress.

Shortly after The New York Times expose (which I believe, knowing the Times, was purposefully withheld until after the election to cause more widespread, partisan political damage), I was contacted by one Jody Kass, who was involved with this group’s formation. She described and assured me that the group formed was “utterly non-partisan” and concerned only with getting rid of Santos.

For my part, as an institutionalist who spent my first career in government working with Ed Koch, Tom Manton, Claire Shulman, Al D’Amato and George Pataki in significant posts, I deem myself an “institutionalist” outraged by this greatest fraud in the history of the U.S. Congress.

I gave advice and made media appearances in support of his removal. Two weeks ago, I discovered that the group was partnering with, which is a hard-left, anti-Israel, antisemitic organization. (For leftist readers of this publication turning “red” at this moment: ANY group which targets ONLY Israel with critiques more applicable to other nations is inherently antisemitic).

I warned Ms. Kass that if she proceeded in any action with MoveOn and other hard-left, hyper-partisan groups, that the subsequent partisan nature of the protests will result in lengthening the time that CD3 will remain “unrepresented” and only token representation, if any, will remain in her group.

Ergo, the CD3 group, instead of “hanging together” now hangs itself. They will not be totally responsible – but they will bear partial responsibility – for Santos’s outrageous, persistent “resolve.” He now will remain until he is either sufficiently charged by the House Ethics Committee – and/or removed by the Justice Department, from his office – in handcuffs.

Concerned Citizens of CD3 is now (or maybe was from the outset) a partisan group which furthers political division locally as we await the day we can vote for a vetted candidate to represent our district.

They have “lost the plot.”

Jeff Wiesenfeld

Great Neck


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