Readers Write: Suozzi is the best choice for NY3 and for Israel

Readers Write: Suozzi is the best choice for NY3 and for Israel

I am voting for Tom Suozzi because he is the bipartisan leader our purple district needs. He has the experience, the deep knowledge and the relationships in Washington to be an effective congressman for NY3 from day one. He is a thoughtful problem solver who has delivered results for this district in the past, and we can count on him to represent the needs of all constituents in this increasingly diverse district.

When it comes to the war in Israel and fighting antisemitism, there’s essentially no difference between the two candidates other than the fact that Mazi Pilip served in the IDF.  Mandatory military service is a fact of life in Israel, so that doesn’t really count as a qualification for Congress.

The Long Island Jewish World has endorsed Tom Suozzi, which strengthens my belief that he is the right choice.  It’s clear that both candidates are strongly pro-Israel – however, Tom Suozzi has an actual record of showing that support in Congress as well as a record of calling out both House members Marjorie Taylor Greene and Ilhan Omar for antisemitic comments from the House floor.

Yes,  the fact is while Mazi’s advertisements promise that she will “stand up to the Squad,” Tom Suozzi has a demonstrated record of doing just that.  He is not afraid to stand up to antisemitism on the left or the right.  Pilip, on the other hand, has never uttered a word of criticism toward any Republican, including the fact that they are obstructing the passage of aid to Israel and a bipartisan immigration deal.

Voting for Tom Suozzi also bolsters our democracy against the anti-democratic forces in Congress seeking to rule by chaos.  The leader of Tom Suozzi’s party gave the most pro-Israel speech ever given by any American president, while the de facto GOP presidential nominee and leader of Mazi Pilip’s party (whom she said she would vote for) hosted dinners with white nationalist leaders like Nick Fuentes, recently quoted Hitler, and after Oct. 7 praised Hezbollah – a terrorist organization Suozzi voted to impose sancions on while in Congress – as “very smart.”

I have seen the leaders of the GOP House caucus running from cameras when asked about these egregious comments from their leader and refuse to hold him accountable for trying to overthrow an election.

These same people, including Mazi Pilip, are quick to denounce members of the other party, but not Marjorie Taylor Greene, Paul Gosar, or other GOP members who traffic in antisemitism and antidemocratic propaganda.  Tom Suozzi is pro-Israel and calls out antisemitism as a principle, without regard to anyone’s party membership.  Suozzi is a true ally, who also took a solidarity trip to Israel in December.

I will vote for Tom Suozzi for his experience and for a stable U.S. democracy, because that is what will help Israel fight Hamas and help the U.S. continue to lead the world.

Please join me during early voting Feb.3-11 or on Election Day, Feb. 13, and vote for Tom Suozzi for Congress.

Brett B. Ashley

Great Neck

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