Readers Write: Support re-election of Rosen, Marksheid and DeLuccia

Readers Write: Support re-election of Rosen, Marksheid and DeLuccia
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I have lived in Great Neck my entire life, first in the old village and the last 30 years in Great Neck Plaza.  I strongly urge you to vote and support the re-elections of the current Mayor Ted Rosen, Trustees Pamela Marksheid and Michael DeLuccia.

I have volunteered my time and effort to support different committees of the village including the Historic Preservation Commission and currently, I am serving on the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Therefore, I have first-hand knowledge of the dedication and hard work that Rosen, Marksheid and Deluccia put into making the Plaza a great place to live and work.


I have attended many village meetings, most recently on zoom, where residents can comment on any items on the agenda and voice any concerns they may have. These meetings are open to the public and are very transparent to what your village government is doing. There are many responsibilities that go into being an elected official, many of which are not easily known by the public.

There are countless meetings held in addition to the regularly scheduled board meetings, including those with other officials of other villages, meeting with town and county representatives as well as attending Nassau County Village Officials meetings.

I know personally that Pam attends all of those so that she remains knowledgeable to what issues are important to our Village as well as to the other villages in Nassau County.

I know how dedicated Pam Marksheid is serving as trustee.  When the Station Branch Library was about to locate to another village, she attended countless library meetings, spoke out and got hundreds of signatures to oppose their move.  With her efforts, they stayed here.

I served with her on the Historic Preservation Commission and also saw how she transformed her coop while serving as President of their Board of Directors.   I also worked with Michael DeLuccia as a member of the Zoning Board where he was the chairperson.

He was always dedicated and worked hard to always be fair and reach a consensus on the issues presented.

Mayor Rosen has been working with social workers and police to address the few homeless people in our neighborhood.  He recently held three separate safety meetings with the police officers of the POP squad, open to all residents in the Village.

The mayor and trustees have also improved the safety of our streets with the traffic calming projects and are having constant dialogue with the 6th precinct about speeding and illegal u-turns. Mr. Katz attacks the current administration for the dangerous road conditions but he should be aware that we do not have our own police department and cannot issue violations for these infractions.

He also wrongly claims that we have crumbling infrastructure where almost all streets and handicapped curb cuts have already been repaired.  He comes up with these sound bites that sound good but are all untrue.  The biggest one is about our downtown.  The Plaza has many new stores and restaurants that already opened up this last year and have several programs in place to improve the downtown.

I know that some people will vote for change without realizing that it can have a negative impact.  I know this personally since my father was mayor of Great Neck.  Someone ran against him on the “reform and change” slogan.

The new government turned out to be a disaster and was swiftly voted out of office.  Change for change sake is not always the best thing to do.

We have a great village with hardworking, honest representatives.  I urge all of the Great Neck Plaza residents to get out and vote to keep our village strong and efficient.  Vote for Ted Rosen, Pam Marksheid and Michael Deluccia, an experienced, and honest team.

Eileen Falk

Great Neck

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