Readers Write: Take Manorhaven back from the hands of Avena’s business oligarch

Readers Write: Take Manorhaven back from the hands of Avena’s business oligarch

There is an upcoming mayoral election in the Village of Manorhaven and it’s time to take our village back from the hands of a corrupt politician and his oligarch patron!

In the past six years with Jim Avena sitting as the mayor of Manorhaven, all board decisions pertaining to Dejana applications were geared toward his personal gain.

Site plans of a three-story mixed-use apartment building at 22 Sagamore Hill Drive with an exception of height limit was granted by Avena’s zoning board. The site is owned by his patron Peter Dejana.

Following that, site plans of another piece of property owned by Peter Dejana at 30 Sagamore Hill Drive for a three-story storage unit has been in the process of being approved by the zoning board again.

When Building Inspector Bill Rogel put a stop order on the construction of 22 Sagamore Hill Drive due to building violations, guess what, he was fired by Jim Avena until he was recently brought back by a vote led by Trustee Popeleski.

Surprised? No! Because Jim Avena has been working for his patron Peter Dejana’s Family Foundation as a grant writer/consultant making thousands and thousands of dollars in the last 10 years. Who wouldn’t listen to their boss, right?

Jim Avena claims that he has “fiscal responsibility” and “proven leadership.”

Ask him why he is paying the no-show village Ccerk a full salary with our tax dollars while she’s on an alleged “disability leave”?

Ask him why in January 2020, he hit a parked car and fled the scene and only later was ticketed by the Port Washington Police. Is this the kind of “responsibility” and “leadership” he is proud of?

It’s time to take our village back and stop Jim Avena from turning Manorhaven into Dejanaville. Imagine one morning we wake up and find out Sagamore Hill Drive has been renamed Dejana Family Drive.

On June 21, Vote Row A, elect Trustee John Popeleski or mayor. Vote for positive change, vote for our village.

Richard Li
Village of Manorhaven

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