Readers Write: Vote for Mindy Germain for Port Water commish

Readers Write: Vote for Mindy Germain for Port Water commish

On Tuesday, Dec. 13, special district elections will take place at the Polish American Hall from 12-9 pm, and we urge Port Washington residents to join us in supporting Mindy Germain for water commissioner.

Our drinking water is one of our most precious resources, and our Water District election is one of our most important local elections. It’s crucial that our water commissioners are proven leaders, with a deep knowledge of water policy, a passion for protecting our water quality, and a strong commitment to serving our community’s needs. Since her election as a Water District commissioner in 2012, Mindy has distinguished herself on each of these counts, bringing a science-based, community-focused, and fiscally responsible approach to managing our water supply.

As water commissioner, Mindy has:

*Helped secure millions of dollars in grants for protecting our drinking water.
*Overseen critical infrastructural improvements to ensure the safety of our water supply.
*Halted recommissioning of the Jamaica Wells, preventing NYC from dumping 33 million gallons of water per day on the Nassau border.
*Initiated proactive testing for unregulated emerging contaminants.
*Helped develop a five-year capital improvement plan to tackle emerging contaminants, including 1,4 Dioxane.
*Promoted innovative conservation initiatives, including a program that successfully overcame the unprecedented drought conditions of 2022.
*Worked tirelessly to educate students and the public about where our drinking water comes from and how to conserve and protect it.

Mindy’s record of accomplishment has earned her recognition as a leader in drinking water protection not just in Port Washington, but across the region and state. Please join us in supporting Mindy Germain for another term as Water Commissioner.

Kim and John Keiserman
Port Washington

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