Schumer, federal debt ceiling and Social Security

Schumer, federal debt ceiling and Social Security
Shame on Sen. Chuck Schumer for scaring 65 million seniors by claiming that if we don’t extend the federal government debt ceiling, they may not receive their monthly Social Security check.
Schumer should be aware, that as a member of Congress in 1996, they passed a law, Section 1145, “Protection of Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds.” 
This legislation ensures that Social Security checks will keep flowing, even if the United States government begins defaulting on its other existing financial obligations. 
The law allows Social Security and Medicare trust funds to be drawn down to continue paying benefits until the debt limit is raised. It also prevents those funds from being used to pay for any other government programs.
Uncle Sam has taken in over $2 trillion in revenue for fiscal year 2023. Uncle Sam has never missed a monthly payment in the history of Social Security despite many threatened defaults
Rest assured, Schumer, his wife Iris Weinshall and millions of seniors will still receive their SSI checks.  Perhaps Schumer needs to take a cognitive memory test,.so constituents can be sure he is aware of the facts. 
Larry Penner
Great Neck

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