Jan. 6 comment deadline for Engineers Country Club condos

Jan. 6 comment deadline for Engineers Country Club condos
The residential concept site plan for the Residences at Engineers Country Club. The deadline to provide feedback on their Draft Environmental Impact Statement is Jan. 6, 2023. (Photo courtesy of RXR Realty)

The deadline for comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Residences at Engineers Country Club is Jan. 6, 2023.

RXR Realty bought the Engineers Country Club at 55 Glenwood Road in Roslyn Harbor in 2017. They want to construct 92 condominium and townhouse-style residential units on 18 acres of the 140-acre site.

Their Draft Environmental Impact Statement describes the affected environment and a range of alternatives for a proposal. It also analyzes the ramifications of each option.

“The Proposed Project is intended to achieve the goals of the Applicant to establish an attractive, luxury residential community,” the environmental statement says. “While also allowing Engineers Country Club to continue to operate as a private recreational facility and open space resource in the heart of the Roslyn Harbor community.”

The village will consider any remarks made for the Final Environmental Impact Statement. One may file their comment on the Roslyn Harbor website.

Roslyn Harbor trustees would have to approve zoning revisions to create a new overlay zone for the proposal to proceed. Developers would build the residences in a single phase over 24 months, with completion in 2025.

The proposed clustered residential complex would have a five-story manor house. It would include 40 two-bedroom units and a series of two-story townhouse structures with 52 three- or four-bedroom units apiece.

A new connection between the existing crossroads of Glen Cove Avenue and Back Road would offer access to the development. Developers would also redesign the golf course to preserve 18 holes and maintenance-related infrastructure.

Planners say the project’s benefits include the preservation of the village’s largest open space resources through clustered development and needed and diversified housing. It would also see the improvement of existing drainage conditions through the construction of a new stormwater recharge basin north of Back Road to replace the existing one.



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