Klein running unopposed for Roslyn water commish

Klein running unopposed for Roslyn water commish
Sanford Klein. He is running unopposed for a commissioner seat on the Roslyn Water District. (Photo courtesy of the Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners’ Association)

Sanford Klein will run unopposed for re-election as a Roslyn Water District commissioner Dec. 13.

A three-member board of commissioners, each of whom serves a three-year term, governs the district. Their terms are staggered so that a seat becomes available for election each year. The election will be held at 24 West Shore Road in Roslyn.

Klein has served as a commissioner since 2011, after spending over 40 years as a dentist. He said his work involves setting policy, monitoring operations, reviewing budgets and making sure the district complies with regulations.

“I’m running to continue the vital work of overseeing the operation of the water district,” he said. “I’ve lived in this community for many years and love it.”

The district serves 5,780 residential and commercial customers over a 5.1-square-mile area. They seek to provide residents with a safe supply of high-quality drinking water at a reasonable price.

The district has a tentative budget of $6.1 million for 2023, an increase of over $300,000 from 2022.

Klein said that if re-elected, his goal will be to continue guiding the district toward improving its infrastructure, staying ahead of regulations and keeping budgetary expenses to the bare minimum required to function properly.

“We’ve been investing our money and credit funds into new and innovative technologies,” he said, “to upgrade our facilities to make sure that we are ready when these new regulations go into effect.”

He said while some infrastructure is new, others date back to the district’s inception in 1910. Yet, he emphasized that the ability to operate and maintain new technology must be considered.

Among the listed improvements sought by the district is a new well to meet increased demand, the purchase of land and construction of facilities for the new well and the reconstruction of existing wells.

Klein said he has always tried to think with the community’s interest in mind over his time as commissioner. He also added that residents appreciate the district’s service and dedication.

He specifically mentioned residents’ willingness to follow conservation measures as a source of pride.

“The fact that we’ve established conservation measures and asked the community to strip two minutes per zone off their irrigation systems, which was a wonderful way of making sure that with the infrastructure that we have that we made sure that we were going to be able to deliver water during the summer months when pumpage exceeds two to three times when it is in the winter months,” said Klein. “And because we’ve done that successfully, that’s one of our proudest achievements.”

The Roslyn Water District provides service to the villages of Roslyn, Roslyn Estates and East Hills, as well as portions of Roslyn Heights, Roslyn Harbor, Flower Hill, North Hills, Greenvale, Albertson, Glenwood Landing and Port Washington.


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