Plans changed for Harbor Hill fields construction

Plans changed for Harbor Hill fields construction

Responding to trustees’ requests, changes have been made to the plans for the Harbor Hill School field reconfiguration this summer to better accommodate more district athletics and community use.

Roslyn Schools Superintendent Allison Brown said Thursday that a subcommittee of Board of Education Vice President Clifford Saffron, Trustee Adam Haber and Trustee David Seinfeld met with the athletic director, Michael Brostowski, after the June 27 board meeting when multiple trustees spoke out against the plans.

In June, Travis Schnell, a representative of Kaeyer, Garment & Davidson Architects, presented plans for three baseball diamonds, two 60-feet Little League fields and one 90-foot field next to four potential U8 soccer fields.

One of the three baseball fields has been removed from the scope of construction, Brown said, and one of the two fields will be outfitted for softball games along with the planned Little League field. There will also be a high school-sized lacrosse and soccer field alongside two U11 soccer fields that could be divided into as many as six fields for smaller children.

Earlier, Seinfeld said he was concerned about the lack of usability for girls’ softball, and Saffron said he was looking for more options for soccer and lacrosse.

Brown said no board action was required for the changes since the project as a whole was approved and the changes would not result in a change in cost.

She said these were “necessary adjustments for this to be accommodated on the field that exists” at the school to benefit both the district and the community.


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