Roslyn Board of Ed OKs district safety plan

Roslyn Board of Ed OKs district safety plan
The Roslyn Board of Education approved the District-Wide Safety plan, as required under the law, Monday morning. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

The Roslyn Board of Education approved the district’s safety plan for the upcoming school year Monday morning, which details the procedures for risk reduction and prevention, as well as the response to and recovery of emergencies the school district could potentially experience.

The District-Wide Safety Plan is required under the Safe Schools Against Violence in Education Law.

The plan includes all Building-Level Emergency Response Plans, which were developed by the Building-Level Emergency Response Teams appointed by the building principals.

In the event of an emergency or violent incident, the building’s respective Building-Level Emergency Response Teams will be responsible for addressing the event under the guidance of the plan. The nature of the event will determine if emergency response agencies will be notified for involvement in addressing the emergency.

The Board of Education hosted a public meeting at its meeting on Monday at 8 a.m., providing the opportunity for the public to comment on the District-Wide Safety Plan. No members of the public spoke.

The board then unanimously approved the plan, alongside the remainder of its agenda.

Among the approved agenda items was a credit change order to decrease the district’s contract with JNH Construction Corp. The original contract was approved last year on Sept. 22 for the amount of $32,500.

The change order is for a credit of $25,000, which the board states is to offset the delay of the equipment delivery, and $7,500 for the district’s allowance not used for the installation.

Board President Meryl Waxman Ben-Levy applauded Assistant to the Superintendent for Administration & Special Projects Thomas Szajkowski and Assistant Superintendent for Business & Administration Susan Warren for their efforts in conducting the credit change order.

“It’s amazing to work with professionals who care as much as the board,” Ben-Levy said. “Thank you so much for loving our community as much as we do.”

With the beginning of the school year on Sept. 5 approaching, Ben-Levy also praised the new additions to the Roslyn High School campus that will be utilized by students soon.

Members of the board of education recently toured the high school campus to see firsthand the changes being brought to the campus.

This included the new podcasting/broadcasting studio, which she said will serve as a “multipurpose focal center” for the high school students.

“We are about experiential education, giving our kids tools they can use,” Ben-Levy said.

Vice President Michael Levine said the new facility was able to be produced with the school’s own resources and team, making it more economical to build.

Other renovations included the sports field, which is nearly complete. Ben-Levy said the construction is on time and within budget, hopefully to be used by students on the first day of school.

Superintendent Allison Brown said that the district is ready to bring students back to its campuses.

“We are excited and ready,” Brown said. “We really anticipate an outstanding year.”

The Roslyn Board of Education will convene again at 8 p.m.. on Sept. 21.

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