Manhasset sixth graders set their sights on middle school

Manhasset sixth graders set their sights on middle school
Shelter Rock sixth graders performed songs during their promotional ceremony. (Photo courtesy of the Manhasset Public Schools)

Manhasset sixth graders from Shelter Rock and Munsey Park elementary schools took the stage during their respective promotional ceremonies on June 20 and 21. Central and building administrators, board members, teachers and loved ones gathered to celebrate the students and their next chapter as middle schoolers.

Both ceremonies kicked off with a digital yearbook which included photos of each sixth grade graduate from baby to now and what they aspire to be when they grow up. The sixth graders then entered their respective auditoriums as loved ones watched in excitement. Throughout the ceremonies, the incoming middle schoolers reflected on the past and the present. They also shared their hopes for the future and performed songs in celebration.

Speakers included building principals Richard Roder from Shelter Rock and Chad Altman from Munsey Park, who shared congratulatory remarks. Shelter Rock’s ceremony on June 20 was bittersweet for Mr. Roder as it was his last as Shelter Rock principal. He will soon join the sixth grade graduates at Manhasset Secondary School where he was recently appointed as the school’s new principal. The Shelter Rock graduates honored Mr. Roder by sharing their favorite memories with him and presenting him with his own graduation cap.

During Munsey Park’s ceremony on June 21, Mr. Roder addressed the graduating sixth graders as their upcoming principal and expressed how excited he was to get to know all of them next school year. In addition, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Gaurav Passi was introduced at each ceremony. He acknowledged the parents and thanked them for their partnership and the important role that they play in their children’s lives. He also shared words of wisdom with the graduates on stage.

“Embrace the exciting opportunities and daunting challenges that middle school will present,” he said to them. “Understanding that true success is defined as your personal growth, resilience and steadfast determination in pursuing your goals.”

Toward the end of the ceremonies, each sixth grader was announced on stage to receive their certificate as loved ones cheered in the audience. The graduates then proudly exited their respective auditorium, ready to enter Manhasset Secondary School.

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