National History Day National Competition

National History Day National Competition

Students begin their journey in the National History Day competition by presenting their projects in classrooms, schools, and districts around the world. Top entries from the local level are invited to the state/affiliate level contests. The top two entries in every category at the state/affiliate level are then invited to the National Contest.

At the National Level, only the top project from each competing room makes it through to the finals and then gets ranked from over 100 projects in each category. Each year nearly 3,000 students with their families and teachers gather at the University of Maryland, College Park for the week-long event. Groups compete from all fifty United States, Washington, D.C., Guam, American Samoa, Puerto Rico, and international schools in China, Korea, and South Asia.

Out of this extraordinary group of competitors, Herricks High School placed sixth in the nation in website design/research. The students: David Xiang, David Zhang, Gurvir Singh, Karan Kaknia designed a website titled: The India Partition: A Line Drawn in Blood. The quality of research and beauty of construction is highlighted by their tremendous knowledge and passion for the topic. The Herricks NHD advisors who mentored these students are teachers Melissa Jacobs and Samantha Gerantabee.

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