Nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs

Nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs
Photos courtesy of Roslyn Public Schools

Roslyn High School was proud to host the INCubatoredu@RHS Student Entrepreneur Pitch event on Feb. 28 and March 1 in the school library. The event is a milestone for student teams as they present their startup business ideas and request grant dollars to fund the further development of their minimum viable product (MVP). The MVP pitch and execution that follows are essential validation steps that students rely upon to determine if they have a viable business concept.

A volunteer board of advisors comprising local business leaders was present to provide strategic evaluation and direction to teams on how to evolve their businesses. Throughout the remaining months of the school year, under the continuing guidance of business teacher Jennifer DiPietro and a dedicated team of mentors, Roslyn’s 47 student entrepreneurs will test their MVP’s, adjust, refine and possibly alter their business concepts. The culmination of the program is the final pitch night later this spring when students will present their final business concepts to the board of advisors.

INCubatoredu is a leading provider of entrepreneurship education for high schools. This experiential learning curriculum tasks students with identifying a problem that they witness every day and then to develop a product or service that solves the identified problem and create a business. Using a blend of LEAN methodology and foundational business topics, along with the support of industry experts from within the community, students are exposed to all aspects of creating an entrepreneurial business.

Roslyn High School is one of only two high schools in New York State with an INCubatoredu program, and the only one on Long Island.

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  1. This is a great initiative and a great way to start your entrepreneurial education. Entrepreneurial education must never stop, you need to learn and improve yourself continually!


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