Sundae Palace craving New Hyde Park’s sweet tooth for more than 50 years

Sundae Palace craving New Hyde Park’s sweet tooth for more than 50 years

Sundae Palace has satisfied the collective sweet tooth of New Hyde Park for almost 50 years with a wide selection of gourmet chocolates.

The store is currently owned by three sisters. 

According to one of the sisters, Aurora Hirschfeld, she and her two siblings, Gina and Maria Masi, were presented with an intriguing opportunity when the previous owner decided to leave.

“Sundae Palace opened almost 50 years ago, and was sold to me and my sisters by the shop’s first owner,” Hirschfeld said. “It was, and still is, the staple chocolate store on Long Island.”

Hirschfeld and her sisters have owned the business for 13 years. She said that one of the best aspects of the job is that all three get to interact with each other on a daily basis.

“Owning a business with your sisters just makes it much more fun,” she said. “During busy holiday seasons, we also drag our family and friends to help ribbon our beautiful chocolate designs.  While it is stressful we allow ourselves to have fun.”

An average day, according to Hirschfeld, may not be as glamorous or extravagant as Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, but the community has responded well nevertheless.

 “We are always busy taking orders for our customer’s special events, helping them come up with ideas to personalize their events, coloring our chocolate lollipops, and perfecting our delicious truffles,” Hirschfeld said. “Of course, we then stock the shelves with all the chocolate products our customers need.”

The store’s selection includes an array of molds, homemade candies, pops, centerpieces, and more.  Hirschfield said that the care that is put into their products is reflective of all the hard work the sisters and employees put in.

“We supply gourmet chocolates, chocolate pops, centerpieces and chocolate making supplies,” she said. “Whether a wedding, new baby, birthday, religious event, graduation, or anniversary, our entire staff is dedicated to making your event memorable and sweet.”

Hirschfeld said she enjoys keeping the business as a family-run entity in the New Hyde Park community.  She also said every customer that steps into the door is an extended part of a growing family, how businesses should be run.

“I think that Sundae Palace is so special because we treat our customers like family,” Hirschfeld said.  “We all care and put a great deal of effort to ensure that their events are special, just like we would our own family events.”

The owners at Sundae Palace have the community’s best interest at stake, Hirschfeld said.  She discussed the importance of being able to cater to everyone’s needs and not to exclude any potential customer that could walk through the door.

“We are a tree-nut and peanut-free store because we understand how difficult it can be for all to enjoy chocolate due to allergies,” she said. “We also carry dairy-free chocolate.  We just want to make everyone in the community feels welcome and give everyone a reason to enter our store.”

Despite the attraction to other gourmet chocolate franchises such as Godiva and Ghirardelli, Hirschfeld said that the patrons of New Hyde Park have shown so much support that competition does not faze them much.

“We have been in the same location for almost 50 years and care about our community,” she said.  “The attention and personal touch that is delivered here is not compared to any others. We have continually listened to the needs of our customers and look to satisfy them.”

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