Car accident on Shore Road

Car accident on Shore Road

A portion of the northbound side of Shore Road was closed for over an hour on Thursday when a car crashed into a brick structure after being clipped by an SUV.

There were no major injuries, but three of the four passengers of the car hit were examined in an ambulance for minor bruises.

 “No one was hurt, but the air bags did deploy,” said Barry Gimbel, one of the passengers. “Everyone was wearing their seatbelts, so that’s good, but we’ll have some bruises from them, too.”

The white Audi sedan was turning into the Diwan restaurant parking lot on Shore Road near Mill Pond Road when a Mercury Mountaineer hit it from behind and pushed it into the brick structure, Gimbel said.

“It was unexpected and we didn’t really know what happened,” Gimbel said. “We made the turn in slowly and right as we were on the curb, we got hit and then that pushed us into the wall.”

There were no witnesses at the scene, but one of the restaurant workers said “it was very loud and everyone heard it when it happened.”

Gimbel’s wife, Betty, and the two other Audi passengers were checked out by EMTs. 

All of the passengers were banged up and bruised, but no one needed to be taken for a further evaluation, the EMTs said.

By Stephen Romano

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