Dejana delays BZA hearing again

Dejana delays BZA hearing again

The Manorhaven Board of Zoning Appeals for the second time has agreed to Dejana Industries’ request to delay a hearing on the company’s request to build a salt shed at  12 Manorhaven Blvd.

The hearing was originally scheduled for Sept. 13 but was delayed to Oct. 11 at Dejana’s request.

The Oct. 11 meeting was then rescheduled by the village for Nov. 7. The matter has now been put off until Dec. 12.

Jean-Marie Posner, Dejana’s properties and facilities director, said in a letter to the village that Dejana needs more time to prepare information the BZA requested in August.

“Although we have begun the process of preparing information for the upcoming BZA meeting, we will not have all of the information in time for the Nov. 7 meeting,” Posner said.

In September, Posner said “the reports and documents are extensive.”

Dejana filed an application in August to build a salt shed around an existing salt and sand pile in Manorhaven.

The application includes a request for a variance to accommodate a proposed roof that would be 28 feet and 7/16 inches high. The proposed building height exceeds the village code’s height requirements by 15 feet.

The BZA said during the Aug. 9 meeting that it wasn’t ready to vote on Dejana’s application and requested information on various aspects of the salt shed, the potential building area and the machinery  needed to build it.

Residents  at the Aug. 9 meeting said allowing a business to exceed the village code would set a precedent.

The proposed salt shed is located in an E-1 district, which under village code permits buildings that are associated with arts and craft, nautical research, indoor sport use and other leisure activities.

Dejana is seeking a special-use permit that would allow for the construction of self-storage facilities under which the company said the salt storage shed would qualify.

Efforts to reach Posner were unavailing.

By Stephen Romano

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