Readers Write: Cilluffo already has left mark

Readers Write: Cilluffo already has left mark

In his brief time as park commissioner, Frank Cilluffo has made an impact. 
It is not a coincidence that we have new highly qualified and experienced superintendent and assistant superintendent personnel. 
Frank actually walks all the facilities, asking questions, talking to staff, implementing ‘best practices’ as a management model. 
Ninty-five percent of the park staff, who do their jobs, respect and like Frank. 
The other 5 percent, who were not always clocking in, remaining at their job for the full day, lacking accountability for proper inventory controls and staying within budgets, well you can imagine, they are not big fans. 
Frank has even energized Bob and Dan so we, the taxpayers and facility users, are the beneficiaries. 
Finally, if you factor in integrity, work ethic, people skills, knowledge of police-background security and licensed-plumber maintenance experience — Frank Cilluffo is really running unopposed! 
But, you must turn out to vote to seal the deal.
Steven M. Walk
Great Neck

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