Vandalism occurs on Plandome Road

Vandalism occurs on Plandome Road

Late-night vandalism has been occurring on Plandome Road, Manhasset officials said.

The latest incident occurred last Tuesday when two residents noticed four overturned planters around 1 a.m., said Katie Miller, a representative of the Manhasset Chamber of Commerce.

The planters, which weighed several hundred pounds, were recently installed by the Chamber of Commerce. They weren’t damaged, but the plants died, Miller said.

Previously,  road signs were spray painted in the same area of Plandome Road, said  Richard Bentley, president of the Council of Greater Manhasset Civic Associations. “Obviously it was a bigger concern when the brand new planters that the Chamber of Commerce had just put in were overturned,” he said.

When police investigated, they said that the vandalism was associated with late-night trains arriving from New York City, Bentley said. The overturned planters were the third incident to take place in that part of Plandome Road.

“They have had incidents in their parking lots at the railroads following late night concerts and games,” Bentley said.

In response, the chairman of the Manhasset Park District, David Paterson, asked police to increase patrols when trains come in from late-night events in the city.

Miller said the repotting of the plants is a great expense for the Chamber. The group is working with a landscaper to consider replacements for the dead plants, she said.

by Chris Adams

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