Copper must replace Williston Park’s broken lead pipe lines

Copper must replace Williston Park’s broken lead pipe lines
(Pictured left to right) Deputy Mayor Kevin Rynne, Mayor Paul Ehrbar and Trustee William O'Brien during the public hearing Monday night. (Photo by Brandon Duffy)

The Williston Park Board of Trustees voted to amend the village’s municipal code Monday night to change water main pipes from lead to copper when they need to be serviced.

Responsibility for maintaining the service line from the main valve to the homeowner is on the homeowner, and the new local law allows the village to issue a written permit to a homeowner after an application has been submitted to perform maintenance work. 

Mayor Paul Ehrbar said the law will help with taking inventory of lead pipes in the village. Ehrbar said the village has a list on file, but there is a chance it may not be completely accurate and the village’s water plant operator is currently taking inventory to update the information.

“This has come about from a study conducted by the DEC on lead service pipes throughout the state and various municipalities,” Ehrbar said. “The pipe we’re talking about is one that comes from the valve to the homeowner’s service line.” 

The Department of Environmental Conservation, or DEC,  is a state agency.

Ehrbar said prior to the new law if a lead pipe needed to be fixed, a copper section would be installed, but now the entire lead pipe must be switched out for a copper one. 

The next board of trustees meeting is set for Monday, Sept. 26. 

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