Mineola releases ‘MyMineola’ app

Mineola releases ‘MyMineola’ app
Village Clerk Joseph Scalero gives Mineola trustees a presentation on the new "MyMineola" app, released Thursday. (Photo by Brandon Duffy)

The Village of Mineola released its own smartphone app Thursday in an effort to make town operations more accessible for users.

Available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play, the “MyMineola” app is designed to provide a better way for citizens to submit requests and help the village more efficiently monitor those requests, Mineola Clerk Joseph Scalero said during his report at a village meeting Wednesday night.

“It’s trying to make everybody here a little bit more responsive to the general public and let them know that the issues and concerns that they have don’t go unanswered,” Mayor Scott Strauss said.

The software, developed by GOGov inc., allows residents to access information, track service requests, follow up on those requests and get timely updates if and when requests are completed.

Users are required to register to use certain features of the app so village staff can communicate with them if needed.

The app’s homepage displays buttons directing users to the village website, news and announcements, a village calendar, community links, the village Facebook page and the process to begin paying a parking ticket.

The village’s website, www.mineola-ny.gov, is still accessible via desktop and provides the same information, but “MyMineola” allows users to access the site’s functions more easily on a smartphone in addition to offering a more robust service request system.

Because the app can be synced with a phone’s location, residents can report issues such as potholes, fallen trees or broken street lights and show the village where fixes are needed. The same information could also be submitted manually, Scalero said. 

Mayor Scott Strauss commended everyone involved with the development of “MyMineola,” including Scalero, Deputy Village Clerk Linda Pardo and Deputy Mayor Paul Pereira. 

“It’s been more than months in the making,” Strauss said. “We’ve kicked this around for a long, long time and finally gotten to the finish line.”

The instant feedback users get when submitting a service request will go into a catalog for the village’s different departments to use. A similar feedback system is currently used, but the app will allow users to get follow-up alerts when requests are completed.

After an unspecified amount of time, Scalero said, any service requests that have been lingering or are uncompleted will be pushed to the top of the list and delivered to the head of the department that the request pertains to.

Scalero said each department in the village has staff that has been trained in handling the software and managing service requests. 

Anyone interested in using the app on their smartphone can go to the Apple App Store or Google Play and search for “MyMineola” to download it.

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