Reach Out America to host rally for reproductive rights on Oct. 2

Reach Out America to host rally for reproductive rights on Oct. 2

Reach Out America, a local grassroots progressive organization founded in 2004 by Great Neck residents, is hosting a Rally for Reproductive Rights on Saturday Oct. 2 at 2:00 pm in Firefighters Park in Great Neck Plaza.

We will have a variety of speakers, testimonies, musicians & elected officials who stand with us in protecting women’s rights. Masks & social distancing protocols will be observed.

This event is just one of thousands of protests taking place in all fifty states on October 2, ahead of the Supreme Court reconvening on Oct. 4.

Abortion has never been fully accessible, but we are at the risk of losing our reproductive freedom completely. The call to action is clear and urgent. The relentless attacks from Texas to Mississippi are ramping up quickly.

On Oct. 2, we’re going to send the Supreme Court and lawmakers across the country a clear, unified message. The attack on our reproductive rights will not be tolerated.

We invite all people into this important movement as we build something better for our families and communities. As a small powerful group tries to come for our human rights over and over again, we’ll never let go of our vision of reproductive justice; for unfettered abortion access and everything we need to support and grow our families to thrive and live healthy lives.

For more information and to register for this event, visit –

For more information on Reach Out America, visit our website or our Facebook page

Press Contact: Nina K. Gordon, Human Rights Committee, Reach Out America (917-771-9519) or Patty Katz, President, Reach Out America (917-670-2917)

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