Manhasset Public Schools announces new athletic director

Manhasset Public Schools announces new athletic director
Christine Raffo, photographed. Raffo was recently chosen Manhasset Public Schools' new Athletic Director. (Photo courtesy of Manhasset Public Schools)

Christine Raffo has been announced as Manhasset Public Schools’ new director of physical education, health and interscholastic athletics.

Raffo was introduced to the Manhasset school community at the April 26 Board of Education meeting. 

She was previously the director of physical education, health and athletics at the Hempstead School District. She also spent a decade in the New York City Department of Education as a teacher, coach and administrator.

Raffo talked about her Long Island upbringing and how, as a student-athlete, she was aware of the history and passion surrounding Manhasset and its teams.

“There’s academic and athletic excellence that surrounds the school community,” she said to the Manhasset Times. “There’s a real invested and supportive community when it comes to the athletic programs.”

Raffo attended Boston University, where she got her bachelor’s degree while playing on the women’s basketball team and then a master’s degree in physical education and coaching.

“Ms. Raffo exudes a passion for athletics, physical education and health. I have no doubt that she will have an immediate impact on our program and our students,” said acting Superintendent of Schools Dr. Gaurav Passi in a press release. “I am excited to welcome Ms. Raffo into the Manhasset school community and look forward to seeing her lead our students and athletes to success!”

Raffo stated her enthusiasm to engage with the community when describing her goals. While she has no plans to recreate the wheel, she stressed the need for growth.

“It’s important to maintain the things that are in place that are working really well for the community and for the athletic programs,” she said. “It’s important to commit to all sports and that all student-athletes, regardless of what sport they’re playing, are having the best experience possible.”

Despite her new position, she said she is still a teacher on the inside. In her new role, she wants to continue making those one-on-one connections that made teaching so rewarding.

“As the director of physical education and health, those are programs I feel deeply connected to, I feel like those programs can have a really strong impact on students and their confidence,” she said. “I’m excited to meet the physical education and health teachers and all the coaches and to be there to support them and their work.”

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