Readers Write: Abortion rights vs. the Black Death

Readers Write: Abortion rights vs. the Black Death

Karen Rubin’s article on honoring moms by “respecting” their right to choose abortion (May 11) was both disturbing and misleading.

Rubin’s views brought to mind the “Black Death” plague that hit Europe in the 14th century killing over 75 million people.

Abortion today dwarfs the old Black Death plague.

For 40 years now, the abortion rights Rubin “respects” have taken 75 million human lives every two years! 

In the U.S., we’ve “justified” killing 60 million unborn babies; worldwide it’s 1.5 billion!

Yes, many women are single, poor and ill-equipped to care for a new baby.

But that doesn’t justify killing the unborn child. Science is clear — human life begins at conception.

Some women suffer from mental stress, poverty or illness while pregnant, and so we should not judge them subjectively.

But objectively, Rubin is condoning an indisputably evil act.

Often, too, it’s out of ignorance this decision is made as some women aren’t even aware it’s a distinct human life (not “part of her body”) even in the first trimester.

I’ve been airing a weekly public access TV program for 20 years.

One program featured Dr. Bernard Nathanson, a leading abortionist responsible for 75,000 abortions, but who changed his position after viewing an ultrasound of a fetus being aborted, and he became strongly pro-life.

I received a call one evening from a young pregnant girl scheduled for an abortion who saw our TV video showing a fetus 10 weeks old.

She was stunned and said, “I’m 10 weeks pregnant and had no idea of the baby’s size and life.”  

She asked for help so I gave her some agencies to call. She did that and canceled her scheduled abortion and went to the pregnancy center for help.

Today there’s a teenager alive because the mom saw what a 10-week fetus looked like and canceled her abortion.

Columnists advocating “abortion rights” may be offending God even more than pregnant women who have abortions, but are ignorant of the human life within them.

Frank J. Russo Jr.

Port Washington

President of the American Family Association of New York.

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