Readers Write: Rep. D’Esposito should focus on solving problems rather than a baseless impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas

Readers Write: Rep. D’Esposito should focus on solving problems rather than a baseless impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas

As the dysfunction of the Republican House majority continues, it’s safe to predict that the GOP will continue to spend their time pursuing baseless impeachment inquiries simply for political gain – not passing any meaningful legislation that will help Long Islanders and all Americans who are struggling to make ends meet.

The NY-03 election showed that voters are rejecting the Trump-MAGA agenda and Republican political stunts are backfiring. 

Mazi Pilip’s loss isn’t all that surprising: even conservative-minded New Yorkers are sick and tired of Republicans’ partisan games and political stunts.

It’s clear that MAGA Republicans’ top goal is not to work on real solutions for issues like the economy and the border, it’s to make sure they do everything they can to appease Donald Trump and help him get back to the White House. 

As a resident of New York’s 4th Congressional District, I was disappointed by my representative, Anthony D’Esposito’s vote to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Pushing ahead with an impeachment simply due to policy disagreements is undemocratic and not an impeachable offense under the Constitution.

MAGA Republicans are setting a dangerous precedent of impeaching anyone they disagree with – regardless of any evidence of wrongdoing.

The Constitution gives Congress a way to address policy disagreements, but it is through legislation, not impeachment. That is reserved for treason, bribery, and other high crimes and misdemeanors. I am deeply concerned for the state of our democracy, as impeachment is weaponized, and used to bypass the legislative process as a political stunt.

But we know that House Republicans don’t care about any of that. They are laser-focused on one thing: re-electing Donald Trump.

Long Island’s House Republicans – including Reps. Anthony D’Esposito, Andrew Garbarino, and Nick LaLota – could be working on a bipartisan immigration reform deal that addresses our broken immigration system.

But instead of actually doing something to address the issues with our outdated and broken immigration system, they continue to pursue baseless, extreme, and harmful impeachment charades.

Even Republican Sen. James Lankford, who has been working on the Senate’s bipartisan immigration reform deal, called out his House Republican colleagues, saying that impeaching Secretary Mayorkas won’t do anything to change the policies they are trying to impeach him over.

Meanwhile, our local communities desperately need help. Families are struggling to pay their rent amidst record high housing prices.

They’re wondering if they can afford their monthly prescription medication, and they’re praying they have enough money in the bank when they check out at the grocery store.

Our local congressmen don’t seem to care. If they did, they would be working toward actual solutions that make our lives better. 

Instead, Rep. D’Esposito seems to have other priorities, like voting to cut funding for vital services that Long Islanders rely on, including Medicaid, K-12 education, and nutrition programs.

Anthony D’Esposito was elected to represent my neighbors and me, not to do Donald Trump’s bidding. Long Island communities, and Americans across the country, need Congress to come together and work to solve the urgent issues of our time.

But House Republicans would rather divide our country and focus on baseless impeachment stunts than actually solve problems.

It’s time for D’Esposito to stand up to House leadership and tell them enough is enough – end this baseless impeachment stunt and work with their colleagues on real solutions.

Joe Sackman is the chair of the Long Island Progressive Coalition and resident of Hicksville.

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