Manhasset eliminates Roslyn in a wild Nassau A Out-bracket game 60-56.

Manhasset eliminates Roslyn in a wild Nassau A Out-bracket game 60-56.
Manhasset senior forward Will Theodoropoulos (Photo by Gregory Giaconelli)

The 15th seeded Manhasset Indians defeated 18th seed Roslyn Bulldogs 60-56 in the Nassau A out-bracket game on Wednesday evening, led by Will Theodoropoulos and Danny Hedberg, who combined for 30 points.

Theodoropoulos also collected seven rebounds. Eric Somer and Jonah Tener led Roslyn with 16 and 10 points respectively.
Manhasset head coach George Bruns said it was an exciting win and everyone stepped up their game against a strong Roslyn team.
“It’s a playoff game and teams are going to throw their best at you,” Bruns said. “Somehow, we managed to pull it out. They’re a good team and having home court advantage is always worth a couple of points.”
Roslyn head coach Craig Murphy said even though they lost, he was very proud with how his team fought till the end. He added that they played together and never lost sight of what they were trying to do.
“The most confident thing I can say is we didn’t lose the game, they beat us,” Murphy said. They played mentally tough and stuck to what they do, just like we did. The game was dictated on who put the ball in more.”
Manhasset outscored Roslyn 17-11 in the opening quarter as Hedberg and Theodoropoulos paced the offense with seven and five points respectively.
Jacob Buchbinder led Roslyn with seven points in the first quarter.

 Manhasset sophomore guard Tom Santella and Roslyn junior guard Jacob Buchbinder (Photo by Gregory Giaconelli)
Manhasset sophomore guard Tom Santella and Roslyn junior guard Jacob Buchbinder (Photo by Gregory Giaconelli)

In the second quarter, both teams recorded 17 points each but Manhasset held a 34-28 lead into halftime.
Jack Keogh led Manhasset in the second quarter with seven points, while Theodoropoulos added four points and totaled nine for the first half.
Somer paced Roslyn’s attack with six points in the second quarter, in which he posted two field goals and went 2-2 on the line.
Roslyn outplayed Manhasset 17-13 in the third quarter, but trailed by two points heading into the final frame.
Theodoropoulos led Manhasset with eight points in the third quarter. He sank three shots from the inside and went 2-3 on the line.
Somer led Roslyn in the third quarter with eight points by posting four field goals.
Manhasset outscored Roslyn 13-11 in the fourth quarter and held on to win 60-56, as they advanced to the first round of the playoffs.
Peter Conlan led Manhasset in the fourth quarter with five points. He hit a basket and went 3-4 on the line. Conlan finished the game with seven points, all coming in the second half.
Hedberg also went 3-4 on the line in the fourth quarter and finished the game with 10 points for Manhasset.
Theodoropoulos finished the second half with 11 points and led Manhasset with 20 in total.
Ben Perez led Roslyn in the fourth quarter with six points, as both of his shots came from outside the arc.
Somer and Tener led Roslyn in the second half with 10 and 5 points respectively and combined for 26 points overall.

Roslyn senior guard Austin Reimer (Photo by Gregory Giaconelli)
Roslyn senior guard Austin Reimer (Photo by Gregory Giaconelli)

Weekly Boys Basketball Scores
Monday, Feb. 13
St. Dominic’s defeated St. Mary’s 77-69. Rob Rossiter led St. Dominic’s with 24 points, while Anthony Lorusso posted 18 points and nine assists. Liam Kunkel led St. Mary’s with 28 points.
Tuesday, Feb. 14
St. John the Baptist defeated St. Mary’s 66-43. Alec Downs led St. John the Baptist with 19 points. Matt Lavin recorded 12 points, six assists and five rebounds while Dennis Sullivan chipped in with 10 points and five assists for St. John the Baptist. Justin Brown led St. Mary’s with 13 points.
Holy Trinity defeated Chaminade 92-88. Cam Wynter led Holy Trinity with 37 points. Brendan McGuire and Michael O’Connell led Chaminade with 24 and 23 points respectively.
Wednesday, Feb. 15
Bellmore JFK defeated Great Neck South 46-44.

Marco Travaglione made a three-pointer with a minute left to extend nineteenth seeded Bellmore JFK’s lead over fourteenth seed Great Neck South to 45-41 in the Nassau Class A out-bracket game. Josh Eisner converted on a three-pointer with 2:45 left to give Bellmore JFK its first lead of the game at 40-39.

After Travaglione’s shot, Liam Blicher hooked a three-pointer for Great Neck South to cut its deficit to 45-44. With nine seconds left, Eisner sank a free throw to extend Bellmore JFK’s lead to 46-44. Steven Carlson led Bellmore with 25 points and three rebounds while Travaglione added a double double with 14 points and 11 rebounds. Phillip Silverstein led Great Neck South with 17 points while Liam Blicher recorded nine points.
Thursday, Feb. 16
Calhoun defeated Herricks 78-51. Tom Cummings led fifth seeded Calhoun with 16 points over 12th seed Herricks in the first round of the Nassau Class AA playoffs.

Patrick Gardner and Jalen Rosemond each recorded 15 points apiece for Calhoun. Jordan Idaspe led Herricks with 19 points.
Port Washington defeated Plainview-Old Bethpage JFK 83-69. Xavier Merriweather led eighth seeded Port Washington with 24 points while Adam Mizrahi scored 20 points in the Nassau Class AA first round playoffs. Port Washington will play top seed Uniondale on Wednesday, Feb. 22 in the quarterfinals..
Friday, Feb. 17
Floral Park defeated Sewanhaka 63-55. Matt Jounakos led eighth seeded Floral Park with 18 points while Brian Fox added 16 points over ninth seed Sewanhaka in the first round of the Nassau Class A playoffs. Kamaal Chin and Giovany Brice led Sewanhaka with 15 and 13 points respectively.

Floral Park will play top seed Elmont on Thursday, Feb. 23 in the quarterfinals.
Roosevelt defeated Manhasset 52-48. Calvin Brown led second seeded Roosevelt with 11 points while Jaisyn Smith posted a double double with 10 points and 16 rebounds over fifthteenth seed Manhasset in the Nassau Class A playoffs.

Danny Hedberg and Will Theodoropoulos led Manhasset with 13 and 10 points respectively.
Holy Trinity defeated St. Mary’s 93-55. Thornton Scott led Holy Trinity with 16 points. Pierce Perry and Liam Kunkel led St. Mary’s with 17 and 15 points respectively.
St. Anthony’s defeated Chaminade 64-62. Jon Harewood, who led St. Anthony’s with 36 points and eight assists, made a two-pointer with 30 seconds left to tie the game and send it overtime.

Mike Pavinelli collected 13 points and six assists while Tyrone Lyons posted seven points and 20 rebounds for St. Anthony’s. Kyle Murphy and Bobby Connors led Chaminade with 17 and 16 points respectively.
Sunday, Feb. 19
Oyster Bay defeated Wheatley 50-45. Anthony Reilly led top seeded Oyster Bay over fourth seeded Wheatley in the Nassau B semifinals with 21 points while Devon Marmorale added 19 points. Michael Tragale and Peter Littman led Wheatley with 14 and 10 points respectively.


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